Why You Should Hire A Realtor

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Whether you’re buying a property or selling one, finding a realtor should be a top priority. While skepticism will at some point keep you at bay from hiring an agent, you should always remember the one hundred and one reasons why partnering with a realtor is advantageous. Here are 5 of the hundred and one reasons:

You don’t have the luxury of time.

Even stay-at-home moms would agree to this. Time is certainly your number one consideration in property sales. Hopping from one house to another or discussing details with 5 clients in a day is a physically and mentally tiring process. Most importantly, this takes a big cut of your already packed schedule. You may have to settle with a lousy deal or overlook one aspect, if only to end your ordeal. Absolutely, this is a pity and so you need to get a realtor at once.

You lack the industry knowledge and experience.

To the onlookers, the job of a real estate agent appears easy. You just search for listed properties and once the features fit your style, you can book the deal with the owner. Let the lawyer manage the legal matters. This is a big misconception as there are more paperwork and discussions than meets the eyes in selling and buying properties. Verifying the saleability of titles, for instance, can be tricky that you need to sometimes deal with inheritance law. Then there are taxes to pay, market conditions to familiarize with, registration and transfer of name, bank loans, mortgage details, and a lot more to take into consideration.

Your network is different.

As you probably know by now, buying and selling a property is a long, complex, and arduous process. You will need several strategic alliances to cover all details. For the basics, you need the lawyer, the banker, and the builder. Of course, you can conveniently Google your prospects but only a seasoned realtor can refer you to reliable contacts. Likewise, a well-networked realtor will know people who are ready buyers for your property, that is if you are selling.

You do not need additional stress.

Middle men exist for a reason and one of the greatest functions of realtors is to become the client’s ultimate buffer against stress. Here, stress is a combination of psychological and mental factors. Contractors can call you every now and then for instructions. Bank loan processing requires regular follow-ups. If you’re selling a property, clients can get too fickle-minded and demanding to handle. The tension builds up and may lead to a meltdown. To put things in context, it is like preparing for a wedding. You think you can handle everything, only to find out you need a coordinator so you can be at your best on the big day. Likewise, you need a realtor to land the best property deal.

You need a second opinion.

When buying properties, you have the tendency to get overwhelmed with the exterior, forgetting about the other less visible amenities like water pipelines and outlets. When selling properties, you may unintentionally overemphasize the good points of your property. In either case, you need a dependable realtor to play the devil’s advocate and avoid biased decisions.

Detractors may tell you that hiring a real estate agent is only an added cost. Yes, it may be true but consider the cost as an investment, not an expense.