Modern Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas – Bed Frames, Storage And Bedding

Make a bedroom a relaxing yet exciting retreat with a dynamic mix of modern and old vintage style. Bedding, window treatment, and furniture ideas.

Bedrooms, with the variety of textiles and pieces of furniture they require, are a perfect place to display a modern vintage design aesthetic.

Modern Vintage Bedding

The key to outfitting a bed with modern vintage textiles is fabric and colour shade variety. Choose a colour scheme and stick with it when looking for bedding, but don’t be afraid to pair different shades and fabric textures. Try olive green with lime green, khaki and cream with dark chocolate brown, or light blue with dark brown or rich purple. Pairing any colour with white will provide a crisp, classic contrast. You could also buy a new bed frame of the kind that is covered with vintage-style fabric.

Choose a traditional but interesting bedsheet style: pinstripes, paisley, and floral patterns are classic options, but an unexpected colour like bright green, pale orange or turquoise makes them feel fresh and modern.

Don’t overdo it when it comes to pillows. A bed that has four or five carefully chosen cushions will make a stronger impact than a bed that is covered with pillows of different shapes and sizes. Try styles like a flange pillow, knife-edge pillow, or box-edge pillow in solid colours with an embellished pillow to add a little flair.

Modern Vintage Clothing Storage

Try looking through antique shops or thrift stores to find some of these unique, vintage storage ideas for clothing.

A stand-alone wardrobe can make a major statement if a ceiling is high enough and the space is large enough to not feel dwarfed by this substantial feature. Try giving a dark or battered piece a fresh coat of paint in white or an adventurous green. Open up an imposing wardrobe by removing the doors and exposing the storage space inside. Add spots of color with baskets for accessories or vases.

A trunk or storage chest placed at the foot of a bed is a traditional way to store out-of-season clothing or extra bedding. These chests could be antique trunks or contemporary pieces crafted from bamboo, rattan, or sleek dark wood.

Look for a vintage hat rack to provide creative clothing storage. Use to hand scarves, t-shirts, belts, or neckties.Modern Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Vintage or vintage-inspired furniture can be found everywhere from Gumtree and Ebay to antique malls and estate sales.

There are many bed frame styles that evoke a modern vintage feel: four-poster beds, sleigh beds, wrought-iron frames. To freshen up a dingy antique bedframe, use a spray paint that is appropriate for use on metal. Paint a frame white for a clean, look, or silver for a funky feel.

Search antique malls for items that could work as unique bedside tables: empty barrels, tobacco stands, or even vintage tea trays on a small drawer unit are some ideas. Again, don’t be afraid to liven up these pieces with a coat of paint: it will camouflage blemishes and keep the color scheme streamlined throughout the room.

For modern vintage lighting in a bedroom, look for simple lighting fixtures that have a vintage look while staying uncluttered and sleek. Sconces work well for bedtime reading, and in rooms with high ceilings, a chandelier can provide an elegant glow. To update a tired chandelier, apply a coat of white or silver paint.

The key to decorating a bedroom in modern vintage style is to keep the colour scheme simple while using colour shades and fabrics to add visual interest to the space. Think creatively to repurpose vintage items for storage and other furniture pieces, and don’t be afraid to clean and update these things with a fresh coat of paint.