How To Install A Wallpaper Mural

Wall murals are generally printed on high quality paper and are hung as you would normal wallpaper. The overall size of your mural will determine how many panels are to be applied.

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As with most things in life, experience helps, but it’s not essential. The most important thing is not to rush and to be properly prepared with all the things you need at hand. Each mural comes with its own manufacturer’s instructions, however the following should help:

1. Prepare your wall – The wall should be free of loose paper or paint. It should be reasonably flat and clean. If the wall is dry, seal it first with a coat of paste prior to hanging.

2. Measure your wall – The chances are that your mural won’t be a perfect fit for your wall so decide how you want to centre it and, if need be, which edge you would like to trim.

3. Lay out the panels – See how the panels fit together and which one you’ll fit first. It’s best to start with a full-untrimmed panel. Some mural panels are numbered.

4. Mix your paste or shake your can – Wallpaper paste is inexpensive and can be frustrating if you run out. It’s a good idea to make sure you have enough before commencing installment. When mixing, always wait for the paste to thicken. If you are using spray fix, follow the directions supplied.

5. Mark your wall – Once you’ve decided where to position your mural, mark your wall in a grid pattern. This will act as a rough guide for you.

6. Hanging the first panel – Carefully apply paste to the back of the panel but try not get any on the actual photo. Do not soak or fold the panels. Hang panels from top down and brush on to wall using a paper hanging brush or damp sponge. Gently brush out any large bubbles to the edge of the panel. Small bubbles will disappear once it has dried.

7. Paper Stretch – The murals are printed on wet strength paper and can stretch by up to 15mm when wet and applied to wall. Please ensure that you apply all panels with the same manner to ensure a perfect match.

8. Next Panel – Offer up the next panel dry so you’re confident with it’s place and fit. Apply the paste and hang into place, then brush flat. If you tear a panel it really doesn’t matter just slide the edges together and once it is dry you won’t see it.

9. Trim edges – Either peel back and cut the edges with scissors or carefully trim with a sharp craft knife.

10. Fully fitted – When all the panels have been put up, re-paste any loose edges.

11. Clean Up – Gently wipe panels with a damp sponge to clean excess paste. Do not scrub.

12. Sit back enjoy the view!